Content Factory1

Data projects

In order to be able to process your product information in a timely manner, we create a dedicated team for you to be in direct contact with the daily tasks and projects. The team consists of experienced staff for content capture and graphical processing.

SEO content

On the basis of product information, attributes and defined keywords, we create for your products, SEO relevant texts. These texts increase the information content of the product description and have a positive impact on your Google Search Engine relevancy (On-Site SEO), i.e. your products are better found by your potential customers through the Google Search.

Licensed content

Own DCI checked and prepared database with more than 4.900.000 standardized product data and connection to many manufacturers, in the areas: IT, CE, white goods, garden, leisure, outdoor, furniture, fashion. We collaborate with the leaders in database licensing, importing their database, optimising the data, enhancing the data and exporting it into any existing export format. JSON, XML, CSV you name it.

Database management

You want to increase your reach and revenue through good content by improving your existing data? However, all of your product data must conform to the strict intern feed specifications so that guarantee a good level of quality and user experince?

Image processing

We process all your, or 3rd party images, graphics and technical drawings for you on the basis of your design guidelines in order to generate a uniform and high-quality appearance in form and color, for your online shop or print or e-catalog.

Product data

We process your product data from various sources. In order to capture, standardize, update or enrich a large number of products, we create a team for you. In order to process large amounts of data, we use our own asset and data management tools.