Transform your E-commerce Business with the new Data Management Hub

2024 is the year you propel your customer experience into the stratosphere.

It is the year you boost the visibility of your products without advertising.

It is the year you have fingertip access to all the rich, relevant data you need.

This year, the unthinkable will happen – you’ll leave your data challenges in 2023 and replace them with the streamlined, integrated, and automated Data Management Hub.

ContentFactory1 created this solution to give companies of every size the right tools for e-commerce success – measured in more efficient processes with lower costs and higher effectiveness that can boost customer satisfaction. This is the new way to manage your data. With it, you can leave the data challenges of last year behind.

Does this sound familiar? You have a vast amount of data in multiple locations that is increasing. Sourcing and managing the right information for your large product catalogs is a time-consuming task for which you need resources. And at the end of the day, you aren’t 100% sure that your data meets the quality standards necessary to keep each sale from becoming a return: accurate, unique, complete, reliable, and current.

The new way to manage data in 2024: A single, accessible repository that does it all. 

The Data Management Hub is a product data management system that takes care of this with one web-based application that offers all relevant product data. No installation is required – just sign up and log in. Best of all, it’s FREE to use. The data subscriptions also start with at free option that includes coverage analysis, up to 100% coverage, 24-hour express service for missing products, and immediate availability.

With it, this is what your data quality performance indicators will look like:

  • Accurate: Your products surprise and delight customers, not surprise and disappoint them.
  • Unique: Duplicate data is inefficient and pointless, so we eliminate it.
  • Complete: There are no unanswered questions that can delay a purchase
  • Reliable: Rest easy knowing that every product is covered.
  • Current: Your data stays fresh so you stay competitive.

Knockdown data silos with a single, accessible repository that does it all. 

Since the Data Management Hub is web-based, you can access it anytime, anywhere. Your login credentials keep the security tight, and once you’re in the system, the capabilities are limitless.

  • Import your product data
  • Manage your data structure
  • Add images
  • Create product texts
  • Generate translations
  • Create tickets
  • Synchronize your data across various platforms
  • Get all the current, relevant data you need with a best price guarantee

Optimized with AI

The Data Management Hub uses AI for data enrichment, structuring, and mapping.

First, our experts apply Human AI to train and improve the machine learning and prompting for AI and also provide the required quality assurance needed for the best AI output.

Bad data is information in a dataset that is incorrect, incomplete, outdated, or irrelevant. It is an inaccurate set of information that can cause widespread damage. On the other hand, quality data from the Data Management Hub supports a much bigger list of benefits.

  • Resource Management
  • Attracting the perfect customer
  • Customer experience
  • Customer loyalty
  • Converting Shoppers into Paying Customers
  • Product Returns
  • Optimizing Costs
  • Faster time-to-market
  • Customer expectations
  • Omnichannel Growth
  • Staying Competitive

Make 2024 a great year for your e-commerce business with the Data Management Hub from ContentFactory1.

Sign up and try it out:

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