Human AI leverages the unlimited capabilities of artificial intelligence with the equally vast insight and expertise of the human brain.

We developed this approach at Content Factory 1 to take full advantage of artificial intelligence and its ability to find information, speed up processes and perform a range of cognitive functions with less effort and expense while also leveraging the irreplaceable value of human experience.

For our clients and partners, this enables you to solve today’s challenging product content issues such as the rapidly changing market, the constant development of tools and technology, the desire for growth, and the cost of staying competitive.

What is Human AI?

Human AI is the unique application of this groundbreaking technology you get when you work with Content Factory 1. On the first level, we use our collective 24 years of expertise to prompt the AI and lay the foundation for the desired content. Then, we apply the required AI technology with carefully selected input. We continuously maintain and check the AI output to ensure the highest quality.

  • With our leadership and guidance, we can accurately source product data for every product you have and create right data management tools to save you time and money.
  • Our expert designers and editors utilize AI and their skillset to build galleries of optimized images.
  • We can create engaging product texts knowing what resonates, what is contextually accurate, what speaks to customers beyond words.
  • We can speak every language, while sounding local, not machine generated.

Our Human AI is customer-centric. We tailor-fit our services to your needs, make our tools seamless and intuitive to use, and review your content with your needs and desires top of mind. This optimizes your resources while giving you product content of uncompromised quality.

HUMAN AI from Content Factory 1 at a glance:

Saves time by increasing workflow efficiency

We reduce unnecessary steps and delays. Time spent overseeing content is easily countered by the time not spent in correcting inaccuracies.

Stays current 

We create content that meets vendor and consumer needs without delay and with the right SEO and data. Management tools make it easy for you to manage your content and expand your business.

Best-Price Guarantee 

In addition to the cost-saving benefits of AI, we offer a Best Price Guarantee on our service packages.

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