Having an eCommerce business nowadays isn’t as easy as it used to be. Buyers have so many possibilities to choose from, that it is a struggle for businesses to stand out from the competition and for consumers to find a brand they can trust. What makes the difference in being successful is a blend of elements amongst the most important is having enticing and optimized product content.


The best product content is a complete, informative product description that contains also qualitative visual and is optimized for SEO to attract the right people on your online shop.  



Product descriptions are essential for a successful online business because they help you become more visible online, share the information needed by consumers to make a buying decision and therefore, have more sales.



What exactly is a product description?


Product description is the characterization of the product you are selling which contains also high-quality pictures or videos and it must be done with the consumer in mind. The product description should answer to all the buyer’s questions, it should be done in a tone that is proper to your potential customer and it should be complete, accurate and reliable. 


Make sure that the description focuses on the product’s features and benefits, on being authentic and trustworthy and on driving the consumer’s emotions. Tell a story through your text and pictures and help them understand that they need your product and can’t live without it.



Why is product content important for your business?


When a consumer looks for a product online, usually it finds it on several websites, but having the same product description everywhere. This is frustrating because it’s not helpful and it doesn’t respond to his questions and objections. Moreover, it shows that those brands don’t care enough about their customers. This translates into cart abandonment and customers that never return to your website.



Product content is your chance to show your authenticity, to show why customers should choose your brand and why your product is a perfect fit for them


When your product content is optimized for Google Search, you ensure that your products will appear on the first page of Google and this will also increase customer’s trust in your online shop. Use simple words, keep it short, highlight the words that better show the benefits of your product and don’t forget to inspire by the pictures or videos that will show the customer exactly how they would look and feel when in possession of the product.



Product content will make you different than competition and it will boost your turnover if you will make it legally compliant, accurate and complete, so that customers understand how your product will solve their problem or need. Make them feel special and unique by creating authentic product descriptions that will be so enticing it will make them buy the product.



How to write the best product description?

  • Be different than your competition by creating authentic product description;
  • Be legally compliant and use accurate, reliable info only from certified sources;
  • Create product content for your buyer persona: understand and answer to customer’s needs and questions, use language they would relate to, highlight the features and benefits they put price into and make them envision how they would feel having your product;
  • Be clear, concise and complete;
  • Use stunning images and high-quality short videos that explain better your product, its functionality and how it will improve someone’s life by using it;
  • Use words with a sense of urgency and exclusiveness, like: “must-have”, “available only now”, “buy it before it’s too late”.

For a better and easier understanding of how to create product content that sells, check the Infographic below:


Product content is a powerful tool that can massively make your business succeed that it’s not yet used in its full potential by the eCommerce brands. If you want to be successful and become a leader in your industry, a perfect product content will make your brand visible and attractive for consumers.



Are you struggling to create the best, unique product description with alluring visual for your eCommerce business?



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