Having an online shop or an eCommerce business is becoming more and more challenging these days. No matter if you have the best products in the world if people don’t get to hear about you and can’t find your products, all your effort is in vain.

If you are tired of struggling in this large sea full of fish just like you, you need to find a way to distinguish yourself from the others.


Creating SEO (Search Engine Optimization) product descriptions is becoming a vital tool in creating more leads, achieving a better conversion rate and increasing your sales. Plus, by doing this, you will become visible in the market. Content Factory 1 can help you with the creation of unique product and category texts, personalized for your own needs.


How to write SEO friendly product descriptions?

Check the image below:

7 best practices for product descriptions, SEO product description, SEO product content, Google ranking product description

7 best-practices that you should take into consideration for creating remarkable product descriptions:

  • Know your product perfectly. When you learn about your product, you are able to articulate the pain problems that targeted customers are interested to solve. Also, you can easily manage to highlight the key selling points of the product and this will guarantee your success in the long run. 
  • Create product descriptions focused on the people, not on Google’s engines. If you use all the SEO techniques just because you want Google to congratulate you, but you won’t speak in your audience’s language and your product descriptions won’t be informative for them, you won’t gain anything from your struggle. First of all, you need to determine who is your buyer persona (what are their profession, age, habits, passions, interests) and then adapt your language and your tone of voice to inspire them.
  • Create unique product descriptions. The biggest mistake you could do is to use the product descriptions from the manufacturer. Often times the manufacturer is only focusing on the features or the technical details of the product, leaving you with nothing to entice the buyer. Therefore, you should create your own product descriptions with the buyer in mind. Think about what questions does he have about your product and then, using some storytelling techniques, try to answer them. This way your product description will be useful for the buyer and since Google is all about usability, it will give you a good rank.
  • Focus clearly on the benefits and the features of the product. If you only list all the features of a product, the buyer won’t see how that will benefit him. Features are impersonal, while benefits are persuasive. When you are focusing on benefits, the targeted customer will understand how his life would improve when in possession of the product. Put some effort into your product description and make it alluring, informative and enlightening for the buyer, to help him make the decision to buy.
  • Use the right SEO keywords. In order to make it relevant for the buyer and also for the search engines, your product description should contain (with moderation) some keywords that are important for the buyer and that he searches for, that will distinguish you as much as possible from the competition and that represent the essence of your product.
  • Take advantage of the buyer’s emotions. Studies show that people are mostly buying based on emotions rather based on reason. That being said, it makes perfect sense to create product descriptions that will delight the buyers through carefully chosen words, an amazing product story and a breathtaking product image.
  • Optimize your product descriptions to look good and to be easy to scan. Use bullet points, cut the text in multiple chunks, so even the busy buyer could understand very quickly how special is your product and how it will benefit him.

Here at Content Factory 1, we have a wonderful team with experienced people that are eager to help you with optimizing the product descriptions for your eCommerce business.


We are strong believers in the power of words, so after we receive the intake from you regarding your buyer persona, we focus on the questions and problems that buyers have. 


In order to find the most effective keywords to use, we are making a keyword analysis using two of the top tools online. After that, we use the chosen keywords in the product title, product category and in the copy.


Don’t let SEO scare you! Contact Content Factory 1 today and let us do the work that will ensure your business growth.