The combined offer of both companies enables retail companies and platforms to simplify the creation of product data and the associated rich content


Starnberg, 13.02.2018 | Content Factory 1, a leading provider of database services, product data and product information services, and Onedot AG, the leader in product data onboarding (PDO), have entered into a partnership. The goal is to enable all participants in the retail market, whether wholesale, retail, e-commerce platform or manufacturer, to efficiently administer the management of product master data, automated and error-free.


In this combined offer, Content Factory 1 provides its own extensive expertise in product data, handles content creation and uses its own tools and interfaces to customer PIM systems. Onedot’s market-leading and highly scalable AI software enables automated use of data and supports tasks such as product categorization, attribute mapping, and data normalization. Thus, the complementary service offer of both companies helps retailers provide high-quality product data to the end customer faster, because digital present and quickly retrievable product information are often a decisive factor for the purchase decision of a potential customer, especially in e-commerce.


“We are pleased to have Onedot, a technology pioneer in the field of artificial intelligence, whose software ideally complements the Content Factory 1 offering,” said Sascha Neubacher, CEO of Content Factory 1 and CCO of DCI AG, the parent company of Content Factory 1. “This creates an unbeatable offer for product data production in the retail market.”


“We look forward to playing an important role in expanding our service offering with Content Factory 1”, said Bernhard Bicher, co-founder and CEO of Onedot AG.”Trade is becoming increasingly complex, faster and more competitive. Our mission is to help retail companies digitize and automate their processes.”


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