When having an eCommerce business, the first thing you need to take care of is how you present yourself in the eyes of the customer. People are drawn to high-quality visuals and a strong, trusted brand.


Nowadays, you can search and find a product by its image, so you can’t just hope you will get away with a “not available product image”. 

If people like the product images, if the descriptions are informative and tailored for them, it is more likely to be converted into customers.


Why are product images important to be successful in eCommerce?


Product imagery is vital for an online shop, because if done correctly, it will answer buyer’s questions and objections, it will show the potential buyer most of the features and benefits of the product and it could make them feel like the product it’s already in the customer’s hand.


Don’t underestimate the power of product image management, because they will create the same experience for the buyer as he would go on a brick-and-mortar store, try the product himself and check the dimensions, weight and quality.


Eye-tracking studies show that people are enticed to check and focus on the images, plus the human brain processes visuals faster than written info and remembers days later the images seen, so it is obvious that you need some gorgeous eCommerce product images that will keep the potential buyers on your website, driving their emotions to purchase.


A good product description has qualitative images, that will bring a sense of product familiarity in the buyer’s mind, by showing essential characteristics of the product like shape, material, colour and style. If there is no image, the potential buyer would not be intrigued to go further into product description as it has nothing to visualize and compare to. Less product images you have, less conversions will occur.


Another factor you should take into consideration is that images help you with SEO. You can optimize your product image (use keywords in product image title and product image alt tag), not only product copy. Search engines rank higher the websites, articles and products that have images, because they are more useful and explanatory for the audience. 


See below some tips on how product images should look like for marketing purposes:


A product image should be clean and clear, enticing and authentic. Try to use pictures of your own, made in a professional way, from different angles, in a very good light and a neutral background. The biggest mistake would be to use the pictures from manufacturer (because your site will look just like the other websites out there that have the same, generic product photos), so instead of that, try to hire a company that will ensure the quality and creativity of your product visuals.


Grab the user’s attention by having a clear, uniform colouring palette that sticks in people’s minds (remember the product image of Coca Cola) and always tell a story through your product images. This is the right configuration for eCommerce success.


The benefits of using high-quality processed images in your product descriptions are:

  • Your brand gets visibility and authority: Since Google favours websites with useful and enticing visual content, you will become visible among the potential buyers. Also, your product images could be shared in Social Media and you will be seen as an authority in your domain.
  • Your brand and products will be trusted, giving the needed confidence among the audience to become a client. Then clients will become your loyal ambassadors for offering complete and accurate product descriptions.
  • Gorgeous product pictures will help you connect your target audience and create a voice and personality that would appeal to your buyer persona.
  • You will end up being just another online shop that sells stuff. Instead, you will become a renowned brand that people will recognize, can resonate with, engage to and feel valued by.
  • The overall shopping experience will be increased and this will ultimately translate into more sales and customer retention for years to come.

The eCommerce industry is growing yearly and in order to keep up and become successful in this challenging world, you need to be up to date with the latest trends and actions that will ensure visibility and customer conversion. State of the art product images will determine your business growth.


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