While scientists and medical professionals are working together to help us stay healthy or recover in this time of COVID-19 pandemic, businesses have to reevaluate their current condition. They have started to experience disruptions in the supply chain, in the customer service area and the production system.


And if for disruptions caused by weather, customer care professionals can likely prepare in advance for this pandemic, things precipitate quickly,  which affects the end consumer. Customers felt the need of receiving more information about their orders, product stock and availability, delivery schedule, similar products, and other useful information. There is no doubt that it is a challenging period for the customer support center professionals and they need to maintain high-quality services.


We see in the market a constant need for professionals that could fill the gap in the customer care area and offer up-to-date information regarding orders, shipping goods, logistics issues, payments & refunds, etc.


The communication (chat, email, ticketing, call) volume is high, so there is a need for experienced employees that can quickly and accurately provide all the needed information for customers who need it in order to make the right buying decision. Through these high-quality customer care services, you will maintain the brand trust and loyalty among consumers.


Why is it important to maintain the customer support center up and running? 


There is no better time to gain loyalty among your customers than now. If you manage your business focusing on transparency, customer and employee satisfaction, your business will have a powerful advantage. 


Your customers are calling now to find answers, they need guidance and reassurance that their products are safe and want a timing on when they will arrive at their destination. Plus, take into consideration that you need to inform your consumers that all the safety procedures resulting from  COVID-19 are in place for your employees and products. People trust companies that are open and transparent, that provide accurate information and take decisions based on their wellbeing.


Consistency is key. When other businesses run down their facilities, be the one that is constantly finding ways to serve the consumers. Make sure that all the employees and external staff are communicating the same message, have the same info and knowledge about the business changes, products, and logistics.


The importance of a customer service team is undeniable because it is the interface between your business and your customers. You can gain more from your customer care team than from your advertisement, and it’s cheaper too. Also, your customers expect for you to have this kind of service that is beneficial to them.


Why do you need a customer care team?

  • You will gain customer retention and loyalty if you provide top-notch customer service.
  • Since they communicate directly with your customers, they can influence them and convince them about your strengths over the competition, your brand’s values, and mission. Plus, there is no comparison between Social media or advertising and the real connection between two people.
  • Brand awareness and visibility will increase considerably.
  • You find out valuable information about how your brand is perceived, what is the overall customer experience related to your products, what are their concerns, what issues they have with your products and what exactly can you improve to increase your sales.
  • Your happy customers will build your brand reputation and help you acquire new clients at no cost.
  • The professionals from your customer care team have the skills that make customers turn to them anytime (active listeners, empathetic, patient and calm, prioritize their quick and accurate response, they have the necessary knowledge about your products and services and experience that lends them the ability to improve customer service.
  • 84% of businesses say that with good customer care service, comes the increase in business revenue.

In light of this challenging period we are facing, the Content Factory 1 team made a step closer to its customer needs and created a new service of customer support center that could help you keep your business running.


We are unapologetically involved in the eCommerce and retail industry and we know that only by supporting other businesses to thrive, we can thrive and provide jobs for our employees.


Take advantage of the global situation and instead of focusing on problems, shift your mindset to see solutions and things that can be improved in your business, so that your customers remain loyal to your company. Our team of professionals can provide critical insight regarding the customer experience, can improve the relationship between your business and your consumers and ultimately, can help you have better revenue. 


The customer support center created by us is custom made to deeply help you in your day to day operations by connecting to your customers, connecting through different platforms or find other solutions that could benefit you.


We provide the human resources to take the pressure and overwhelm from your current customer support center and we can work side by side with your team or we can work as a stand-alone support center after you provide us with all the info we need.


Let’s work together to find the appropriate customer center solution for your company and get through this having a more loyal, trusting customer base.


Contact us at info@contentfactory1.com to discuss further details on how you can benefit from our customer support service.