The fact that product content is the core of the customer experience and satisfaction is no secret anymore. When you are focusing on having a great product content you are basically focusing on having more conversions.



The secret ingredient here is to have a product content that is customer-centric (according to a study made by Deloitte, customer-centric companies are 60% more profitable than the others) and grabs customers’ attention.


How do you make your product content centered on the clients, rather on the business/product?

  • Know your customers so well, that you can create your customer avatar. For this, you need to create content that is addressing the following: customer problems or desires, customer behavior & habits, customer goals & expectations, customer objections. Check online customer comments and reactions to products similar to yours and understand exactly what they need and want, so you could craft a product content they won’t be able to refuse.
  • Create your product content with the customer’s feelings in mind. You need to show empathy to your customers and think about what feelings and emotions will feel the customer after reading your product description.
  • Use the same language your customers use when they comment online, share, or post reactions. Pay attention to the language style they use, if they like to be funny or use emojis a lot.
  • Don’t forget that your product content must educate your customers, present all the product’s features, be complete in product attributes, and then present some benefits that will make them buy your products instantly.
  • Product content must offer the best value for your customers. Only then they will acknowledge you as a trusted company, that over-delivers and they will become your fan.

If you still think that product content doesn’t represent a priority for your business, find below a few reasons on why you should focus your attention to the product content:

  • 30% of shoppers have said that they’ve abandoned their shopping carts if they didn’t find all the product information they needed;
  • 86% of consumers said that they would unlikely purchase again from a company that provided inaccurate product content;
  • 87% of consumers rate product content extremely or very important.

If this is not enough reason, then it might be a good idea for you to reconsider your product and business strategy. Check out your statistics, how much time your clients are spending on your website, how many returns you’ve had, how many abandoned shopping carts, what is the overall customer satisfaction feedback and see where the link between them is.


How do you prioritize product content in your online company?


Firstly, you need to split the product content into two main categories: essential product content and refined product content.


The essential product content is something that you are not allowed to miss in your eCommerce or online retail business, no matter the product category or industry.


Essential product content is mostly formed by:

  • Product title and category;
  • Product attributes like price, color, ingredients, size/weight, material, etc.;
  • Product description formed by features;
  • Product image.

Depending on the product and industry, essential product content may vary and include other technical specifications or attributes to be considered trustworthy by the end consumer. This is the product content that you need to have right away when you decide to put your products on sale online.


There is also product content that is enticing, that draws attention and is more likely to engage and drive sales, like refined product content. We love this type of product content because it’s delicious, it brings uniqueness and it is created especially for the customer’s avatar of each business.


Refined or rich product content is creating your brand awareness and visibility, it could have SEO techniques integrated and it is very focused on the products’ benefits over the customers.


In general, rich product content consists of:

  • Complete product descriptions that include more appealing, beautifully processed product images;
  • Search Engine Optimization content;
  • It could contain instruction manuals, product guides or products catalog;
  • Products’ comparisons;
  • Other elements in product content that are specific to some industries.

If you are wondering what type of content is more important, let us tell you that both are extremely important and give a sense of trustworthiness in your products and brand, overall. However, essential product content should be a priority to implement in your company. It is understandable because no product without description or product image will be thriving online.


If you want to improve your conversation rate, become more popular online as a trusted brand and your products to drive more sales, you need to implement the rich product content that gets your products out of the ordinary. People love to make informed buying decisions and with enhanced product content you will over-deliver, creating a shopping experience that satisfies your customers.


Remember: it’s not about you or your products. It’s about your customers all the way in the buying journey.


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