Whether you have a brick-and-mortar store or an online shop, one of the keys for business success is to attract customers to your store. If you expect to become a major hit only by having the best products or services, you couldn’t be more wrong. In such a busy, cluttered world, if customers don’t know about you and don’t land in your store, it will be tough to stay in the game. What could make a difference for you?



Getting visual is the perfect way to grab attention


“Vision trumps all other senses” says John Medina, the New York Times bestselling author of “Brain Rules”. Studies show that 90% of the information communicated to the human brain is visual and this makes it the perfect tool to hack the brain of your target customers.



Did you know that our brain processes visual information 60.000 times faster than written info? Almost ⅔ of people say that they are visual learners. Furthermore, it seems that our brain recalls 65% of the visual data seen three days ago rather than only 10% of heard data.


We simply communicate information in a more effective way if we use pictures (check the Infographic below). That is why high-quality, persuasive and authentic visual content focused on your brand and products has a major impact on your website conversion funnel. 



Visual content helps you to be memorable, to show your uniqueness and to get into your target customer’s mind. Also, it will get you more visible as a brand, will boost your product views and will generate conversions.



Boost engagement, customer retention and performance with visual content


Being up to date with the latest trends and using appealing images (your own high-quality, stunning images) that showcase the functionality of your products, will increase your credibility and it will make your audience engage more, become loyal and recommend your business by sharing your content through Social Media.



“A picture is worth a thousand words.This old saying is more true now than ever. You can make your product go viral if you use for your eCommerce business beautifully processed product images that will entice your customers, will compel them to buy your products and share proof of their amazing acquisition online.



Images drive customer’s emotions


Tap into consumer’s emotional state by providing visuals with the right colours and message (product description focused on product’s benefits and features), helping them understand better your products and presenting them as the remarkable solution for their desires/problems. This will get their attention and influence your targeted consumers to take the decision to purchase your product.



Visuals increase your Google Page Rank, thus boost online recognition and visibility


Having high-class images for your products has a huge impact on selling your products online, because both people and Google Search value more visual content than content with no imagery.



Research shows that 67% of consumers say that the quality of a product image is very important in choosing and buying the product.

People need to have 360° product experience, to see the product as if it’s in their hands, to be able to imagine how their lives will change after the product’s acquisition and for this trend to continue, search engines are showing firstly the websites that have lots of qualitative, relevant product pictures.



Images appeal more to human brains, generating empathy and if they are original, they show how genuine and trustworthy you are, with state of the art solutions for customer’s problems. This empowers consumers and they usually are happy to buy your product and stay loyal to your amazing brand.



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