Product content is one of the most powerful tools to scale your business by getting in front of potential customers, informing them and helping them make the decision to buy the products that meet their needs and expectations.


Having an eCommerce or online retail business is all about improving other people’s lives while selling more products online, but it’s not such an easy task as you might think, if you don’t have the needed resources.


What is the role of product content?


Product content has gathered under one umbrella the product description, with all the attributes and variants and the product images that help the consumers to visualize the product. It’s the perfect way to help the consumer’s mind imagining how the product would improve his life when in possession of it.


Since 87% of consumers rated product content as an essential reason in choosing a product over another, it’s safe to say that product content is extremely important for your business.

You need the finest, most alluring product images paired with authentic, complete, and accurate product information to step out of the ordinary. 


Your customers are more informed now than ever before and they are always looking for the brand that gives them the confidence to buy by ensuring that their product information is accurate and gathered only from certified sources.


How product content will make your business shine?


Let’s face it. There are millions of products on sale online, there are big companies that dominate the market. So, in order to be successful, you need to be different. Instead of choosing yet another copy-paste product description from the producer that states the same features you can find on any site selling that product, create your own content. 


Consumers appreciate the content that is authentic and that replies to all their questions and objections. Plus, good product content creates already a pre-acquisition customer experience only by having lots of exceptional product images and detailed product information.


Give your customers what they want. If you fail to understand your customer’s needs and desires, you will struggle for orders, but if you get past the fear of the unknown and you are committed to having a successful product/business, get in contact with the best content team in the market.


What is product content on-demand?


Do you want product content specifically for your products, but you don’t know where to start? We have more than 20 years of experience in product content and we are here to help you figure it all out.


Product content on-demand is about having a content team ready for your specific project, without worrying about lots of paperwork and time wasted for licensing. Content Factory 1 team can provide exactly what you need at this moment in terms of product content with just a simple setup and a one-page contract.


We have simplified the process because we understand that businesses need to adapt quickly to new market challenges, so there is no time to lose. We love to keep it simple and to have a clear, straightforward communication with our customers that will benefit them and us in the long term.


Find in us your ideal content team that is able to manage gradually as many products as you need and ask for all the requirements whether they are related to the product attributes or product images. Even more, if you want to beat your competition, our service of SEO product content will bring your products in the spotlight.


You already have a business content team? That’s perfect. We will stay in touch with them by all the means of communication settled in your company and we will collaborate with them to make sure that both parties understand both the products and the marketing strategies that will make your products shine.


Plus, if you already have product content but it’s not bringing you the results you need, we can customize it, add more essential details, make it more appealing to your buyer persona, add specific keywords and make sure it has the power to sell your products without sounding salesy.


We are adaptable and that’s what makes us unique: we make your product content specific to your niche, to your target clients and on your own voice brand. 


Product content on-demand is having a complete and alluring product description exactly on your demand, when you need it. Content Factory 1 is the team able to create your results-driven product content strategy to boost your conversion rate.

Make it simple to catch your customer’s attention and send us your questions or requirements at