As we are approaching the end of the year, we want to thank you for trusting and doing business with Content Factory 1!


We know that for delivering the right product content solutions we need an innovative, experienced content team that truly understands customers needs and exceed their expectations every time. We are aware that for you to have an exquisite experience, continuous learning and improvement is always required, that is why we work relentlessly on finishing and growing our own content platform webtradecenter.


Our team is proud for establishing durable and scalable business partnerships that will respond better to online shops and eCommerce content challenges in the upcoming year 2020. Content Factory 1 provides you services of content curation, enriching with attributes, SEO product description, and product image editing.


2019 was the year of challenges and opportunities to build strong relationships


In our mission to help businesses boost their sales organically and sustainable through product content, we started extending successfully the product content business within Europe & US market.


We are happy to say that Content Factory 1’s team has been able to outgrow customers’ product content limitations and redefine their brand awareness, brand recognition & authority, which lead to increased product conversions.


All this success is humbling and gives us the energy to aspire reaching even higher peaks in 2020, by offering state of the art content solutions to the existing loyal customers, as well as to the new ones.


With this occasion we want to sincerely thank you for recommending us to your friends and business associates and help us grow the Content Factory 1 team into a bigger, qualified family that truly makes a difference by gaining the consumer’s trust in this crowded environment.


We’ve set new goals and standards to achieve in 2020


We believe that 2020 should be about you: our customer, our partner and collaborator, because we have received from you trust, success recognition and we owe it to you to make you more successful. In this case, no matter the industry you are in, our team will put in use the 20 years of know-how to make sure we deliver the best product content specific to your niche, that will improve your sales performance, your customer experience and brand authority.


In 2020, Content Factory 1’s team will be focused on delivering tailor-made content solutions that will make your products visible, enticing and engaging, and will push our solution to help you scale and act in real time on the market.


With this brief overview of 2020, we want to wish you and your families a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year that will inspire and challenge you to grow your business beyond any limitations!



With gratitude and respect,


Content Factory 1 team