Our Content Factory 1 team wishes you a Happy and Successful New Year 2019.

With over 18 year of content experience we look forward to analyse with you your content challenges and provide you the perfect content. Product Data on time, Data Projects with deadline, Image Rework or even Unique Content – we will provide it to you in 2019. Don’t wait till next year. Ask us today!

One of the most important goals we have at ContentFactory1 is creating world-class products and deliver extraordinary experiences through the services we provide for our clients, our partners and all those who are with us. This year’s end gives us the perfect occasion to evaluate our achievements and celebrate our success, while checking the final details of our strategy for 2019.

New year, new standards!

We can look back with pride and gratitude at all of the past years, as ever since 1993, ContentFactory1 continuously evolved, setting standards higher and higher, never ceasing to reach the objectives. 2019 in particular was a year of fast growth, with highlights that determine us to plan even more groundbreaking innovations.

ContentFactory1 is ready to take the future by surprise with a fresh brand!

The exponential rise of DCI called for a rebranding process meant to emphasize our direction as an international company and make our accomplishments known to a global level. We reinvigorated our brand, so that our audience – to whom we cannot thank enough for being so loyal – can keep up with the latest DCI innovations.

Numerous meetings on priority issues, all over the globe.

For the same purpose, we travelled to USA and Singapore, where we successfully launched our state-of-the-art solutions for commerce and industry. We gained world-wide recognition and ContentFactory1 positioned among the most trusted companies, strengthening the relationships with our partners and clients and establishing many new collaborations.

In 2019, ContentFactory1 gives the start to revolutionary technologies!

The demand for our products and services considerably increased and we enlarged our team. The top professionals that joined us are a constant reminder of our responsibility to grow and exceed the expected standards, so we are looking forward to launching our revolutionary product in 2015 and share with you a part of the our experience!

With such a wonderful overview on 2019, with the enthusiasm, ambition and passion for innovation that are in our nature, we are eager to start 2019!