If you are having an eCommerce business or you are an eTailer, you know how important it is to attract as many potential buyers to your website and then do the necessary actions to convert them. It is the only thing that will make your business successful.


Since shopping online means that there is no way to physically touch the product, brands need to rely solely on the product content they are creating to increase sales, lower cart abandonment and return rates.


Rich content is the main pillar that will engage and educate your website visitors making them go through all the phases of a sale until it’s complete and they become clients.


What is a rich product content?


Rich product content is beyond that bland product content that just describes the product you are selling with a short description and some of its features.


Rich product content is going beyond any limits by creating an entire experience of the product before even buying it. This way you will capture your customers’ attention and educate them so they could make an informed decision to buy.


Did you know?


  • 54% of respondents said that they are now less loyal to any one brand and need to shop around to find the best value (Gfk)
  • 82% of consumers go online to do product research before buying (Deloitte)
  • Consumers are 25% more likely to make an online purchase when rich product content is present. (Jupiter Research)


If you want your customers to be loyal to your brand you need to distinguish yourself from the competition and offer comprehensive research capabilities, an extended copy about the benefits of the product and a detailed bullet point about the features. Make sure that your copy answers all the buyer’s questions and make him see how your product is the best solution to solve his challenges/problems.


Moreover, people are attracted to appealing visuals, so you need lots of them. Write copy that evokes the story of your product and make the reader imagine how he would feel after the purchase. Then seal the deal with some amazing visuals (even videos) that could make them so enchanted they can’t resist buying it.


In short, rich product content could mean:

  • Expanded and engaging copy;
  • High-resolution and appealing images, plus 360 degrees product view;
  • Videos or virtual tours for your product;
  • Access to a PDF of the manufacturer’s manual;
  • Access to a catalog/brochure with more product details. 

Rich product content is giving the customer a pre-purchase product experience


Articulate clearly your product’s value proposition to generate conversions by replying to the following questions, a customer might have: “Why do I need it? What’s in it for me? How does this solve my problems?”

Bring customers back time and time again by providing a complete shopping experience that resonates with them, which then translates into more sales.


How to create rich product content that has a huge impact on sales?


Guide your rich content strategy by taking into consideration the way your competition displays its products, the customer analysis insights that show what triggers your customer to buy, some SEO analysis and the content gaps.


The product content should display in an interesting way all the information a potential buyer needs to understand the product’s value in his life and make sure he won’t be disappointed and return it after purchase. Make sure to have a SEO strategy in place because detailed and keyword-rich product descriptions can dramatically increase your sales. 


Use technology to have a rich product content


In this highly competitive world, having a rich product content on your online shop that helps you differentiate your brand from others is essential. In order to leverage this the most, you need an advanced system for creating, managing and making the syndication of your rich product content. 


Content Factory 1 can provide you with all the tools in order to create unique rich product content that is aligned with your brand’s authenticity. We will be at your service if you need a dedicated team only for your brand to make sure you can leverage all their potential and create product content with a competitive advantage.


In the 20 years of product content experience, we’ve never stopped learning and developing new tools, so if you need to create an unlimited product experience, please contact our team at info@contentfactory1.com to get a quote on our services.

See here some examples of our rich product content.