Feeling overwhelmed about the amount of product data you have to process and worried that someone else won’t understand your data and industry requirements, enough to manage them?

Then Content Factory 1 is the perfect solution for your company. We are providing you a project team of experts dedicated especially for you.

In order to be able to process your product information in a timely manner, we create a dedicated team for you to be in direct contact with the daily tasks and projects. The team consists of experienced staff for content capture and graphical processing.

Through this direct assignment we get to know each other so that our employees understand your requirements, specifications and processes exactly and thus a fast and smooth cooperation is built up.

Even more, we are able to put at your disposal qualified people that will increase your Google page rank, because they will use SEO tools specific to your business country.

As of today, product data should not be a concern for you anymore. Content Factory 1 is contributing with solutions, expertise and resources that will help you rise in the eyes of your customers, by providing the product information they need, to make an informed and confident decision to purchase.

Just imagine the relief and satisfaction of working with us:

  • you will have a dedicated team of enthusiastic and passionate people to work with;
  • we will provide you personalized solutions for your own needs;
  • the team assigned to you will have a single goal: for you to be successful in the customer experience of product content.

We invest our know-how with the aim to make e-Commerce a reliable place, where product data will be accurate and consistent, genuine and appealing, so that all parties will gain from the technology usage.

Make Content Factory 1  your business partner who will be receptive on your needs and challenges of product data and will compliment your skills into excellence.

See below our product content solutions:

  1. Identify & Search
  2. Define Data Structure
  3. Data Entry
  4. Image processing
  5. Define USP’s
  6. Add Rich Content
  7. SEO Product Descriptions
  8. Your own Content Team
  9. Track & Report
  10. Maintenance
  11. webtradecenter the data portal!


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