Every retailer and distributor in the modern world knows that database management requires a lot of time and resources. What do you do when your database doesn’t contain accurate and complete info?


Moreover, how do you handle the situation of having data from so many sources that it gets confusing on what to share to your customers?


Content Factory 1 has experts on database management that can check, gather and improve your data, so the customers will have firsthand the product info needed for the decision to buy.



Do you want to increase your reach and revenue through good content by improving your existing data? However, all of your product data must conform to the strict intern feed specifications so that guarantee a good level of quality and user experience?



No problem. We help you customize your product feeds according to your own specifications and industry requirements.



As of today, Content Factory 1 will be your partner and will help you trust and understand your data, manage them according to your business model and optimize them in order to generate revenue.



What do we do for database management?


Analysis of your PIM product database for missing information (images, attributes, product flyers, videos…)

Formatting your existing product data to your internal specifications and structures

Categorization of products

Product title optimization

Optimization of product images

SEO optimized description texts

Continuous and rapid inclusion of new products in the product feed
Timely update of existing product feeds