Did you know that 40% of customers returned an online purchase because product descriptions were inaccurate and 30% of customers abandoned their shopping carts for the same reason?


Well, if you are a retailer, distributor or manufacturer trying to sell products online, these stats will make you think twice on your marketing strategy, because you’ve just found something that deserves your full attention.

Product data has the power to boost your brand awareness and loyalty, to make customers feel empowered to buy your products based on informed decisions.

What do we mean by product data?

  • product title and category;
  • product description;
  • features and benefits;
  • image processing;
  • SEO for the product’s text, title and category, so they will appear authentic and compelling to the consumer.

In order for product data to work on your benefit and to attract more customers, it needs to be accurate, complete, reliable, intentionally focused on consumer needs and optimized to generate curiosity and engagement.


We process your product data from various trusted sources. In order to capture, standardize, update or enrich a large number of products, we create a team dedicated only for you.


In order to process large amounts of data, we use our own asset and data management tools. We also work directly in your PIM system in order to handle short-term and time-critical tasks.


In order for your products to be found, we create SEO relevant product descriptions from the product attributes.

How do we handle product data?


Capture of large data sets: product data and attributes, as well as specifications and images
Structuring and adapting the data to your specifications for a uniform appearance
Enrichment of product data with further attributes, including categorization and standardization
Adjust your Google Shopping Feeds to avoid rejections
Database management (PIM maintenance)
Flexible recording of seasonal fluctuations and time-critical actions
Creation of SEO relevant product descriptions
Content Factory 1 is the most suitable partner for you in regards to product content management, if you are looking for a reliable, flexible, adaptable and scalable company, with many years of know-how, that will bring outstanding results in a timely manner.
Project Manager
Data Entry
Image Processing
Rich Content