Better content begins with better data

Your product data is the foundation of your business. We offer an unparalleled level of management that sets you up for e-commerce success, measured in more efficient processes with lower costs and higher effectiveness that can boost customer satisfaction.

Best-in-class services with a best-price guarantee

With a complete understanding of your data and industry requirements, we import, structure, and export data of any format. We enhance it with all relevant assets and manage it directly in your PIM system or our own, the DataConnector1.

Meet the Data Management Hub – your free solution

Our DataConntector1 Management Hub combines all necessary functions for the acquisition, processing and management of product data on one web-based platform. We also provide assistance to help you utilize it most effectively.

NEW Digital Product Passport Service with data support

Within a few years, a digital label with manufacturing, transactional, and sustainability data will be mandatory for everyday products. Simplify the work ahead and give yourself peace of mind with the only DPP service that offers two options for stress-free DPP creation, verifies your data, and sources any missing data you need.

Level up with data-driven content creation

We use this data to generate content that is accurate, reliable and consumer-focused. You save time while your customers enjoy data-driven product content that speaks to them.

This includes:

Analyzing your PIM product database for missing information

Formatting product data to internal specifications and industry requirements

Product categorization

Optimization of product images

Timely update of existing product feeds

SEO-optimized titles and description texts

Rapid inclusion of new products in the product feed

Manage your data anywhere! Start using DataConnector1

Content Factory 1 will gather your data, manage them according to your business model and optimize them in order to generate revenue.

Flexible and Targeted

While looking for a competent partner in the field of master data maintenance, we became aware of Content Factory 1 GmbH in 2019.

Kevin Ziehme