Anytime, anywhere product data management

Store, enrich and manage complex information on any browser with DataConnector1.

Turn your product data from a challenge into a primary business asset

Our DataConnector1 Management Hub pairs a simple interface with advanced performance. It’s free to use and all our custom data services come with a best-price guarantee.

Discover your new data-management hub

DataConnector1 is a web-based data system that combines all necessary functions for the acquisition, processing and management of product data on one platform.

Straightforward user interface

AI-enabled product search

Automatic creation and distribution of product content

Structured content setup – categories, attributes, value

Intelligent import and export functions for any file format

Collaborative working and multiple language support

Complete communication in the platform

Live system sharing

A solution inspired by customers

We developed the Data Connector 1 based on our experiences with our customers. Their product information management systems lacked important functions such as secure, easy access and data control at all times.

DataConnector1 allows you to fully command and control your data and who has access to it – easily and conveniently.